November 19, 2023

Sage Successes Across the Country

Sage Successes Across the Country

Democrats had an incredible night last Tuesday, and Sage Media Planning was thrilled to be a part of the successes. Flipping Virginia’s House of Delegates and holding their Senate, preserving the New Jersey State Legislature majority, and winning races in Idaho, Indiana, and Washington were just some of the highlights.

State Legislative Victories

The ultimate prize on Tuesday night was control of the Virginia House of Delegates. The Democrats have held the chamber for just two years in the 21st century, so flipping the chamber back was a long term goal and major priority for Democrats. Sage was proud to work with McKenna Media to elect Phil Hernandez in HD-94 and with Sena Kozar Strategies to elect Michael Feggans in HD-97. We are grateful to be entrusted with such important races and delighted to play a role in the historic evening.

Democrats were also successful in holding the Virginia Senate on Tuesday night. Sage worked with Sena Kozar Strategies to re-elect Aaron Rouse in SD-22, and to elect Schuyler VanValkenburg in SD-16 and Danica Roem in SD-30, making her the first transgender state senator in Virginia! The victories in the Virginia Senate and House of Delegates will be key in keeping Governor Glenn Youngkin’s regressive education and abortion policies in check, and show that Democrats are fired up going into 2024.

Sage also collaborated with Sena Kozar Strategies in defending the blue majority in the New Jersey State Legislature by re-electing Senator Joseph Lagana and Assembly Members Lisa Swain and P. Christopher Tully with razor thin margins in the 38th District.

Women Winning Mayoral Races

Across America, women were elected Mayor on Election Day. Sage was delighted to partner with Ship Creek Group in supporting Lauren McLean’s decisive reelection as Boise’s Mayor, and with McKenna Media in Stephanie Terry’s historic win to become Evansville, Indiana’s first female and first Black mayor. Overton Political tapped us to help unseat the incumbent Mayor of Spokane, Washington, paving the way for Lisa Brown’s victory. Our Digital team played an impressive role in the efforts to get these progressive candidates over the finish line, and Sage’s award-winning Competitive department debuted comprehensive digital tracking of Meta & Google in our InsideTrack™ platform, giving these mayoral and the above Virginia races an edge towards victory.

Democrats Can Win in Red States

In the latest victory for reproductive rights, Ohio enshrined women’s right to abortion in its constitution. This would not have been possible without the defeat of an August ballot measure requiring 60% of the vote to amend Ohio’s state constitution. Our successful partnership with Sena Kozar Strategies on this effort paved the way for Tuesday’s victory, and Sage is committed to continuing the fight for access to reproductive healthcare in 2024 and beyond.

August 2023 ballot measure results that would require 60% of the vote to amend Ohio's state constitution

The fight for progressive values continues, and 2024 will be a major test. We are looking forward to working with our valued partners to protect our democracy and our rights.

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